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Alternatives to Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Published 2024-06-24 in category Loans.

When you’re saddled with a large amount of credit card debt, it quickly becomes clear that just paying the minimum amount due each month isn’t going to get you very far in cutting into that balance. And it can be disheartening to see the amount you owe creep up as interest continues to accrue each […]

From Real-life: Payday loans & Short term loans – Advantages & Disadvantages

Published 2018-10-18 in category Loans.

Payday loans, or short term loans as they also are called, are becoming a common resource for emergency funds these days. Here are the major advantages and disadvantages of short term loans to you as a borrower, written by a borrower with experience from real-life (badly needed in the finance). Advantages Disadvantages Please see our […]

Denied a Personal Loan: What to Do Next?

Published 2017-04-10 in category Loans.

Don’t be disheartened if your personal loan application was denied; instead, take action! With just a few regimented steps, you’ll not only know why you were denied, but also what you can do to increase your odds of approval next time. Find Out Why Your Loan was Denied Once your loan application has been denied, […]

Installment Loans: When to Use Them for Debt Consolidation

Published 2017-02-02 in category Loans.

Who Might Need an Installment Loan People with high credit card balances or other types of debt have tons of options available for paying their balances down as quickly and cheaply as possible. You could hire a debt consolidation company to lower your amount owed through a debt settlement, but that comes with repercussions that […]

The History of Payday loans

Published 2017-01-19 in category Loans.

Most people know Payday Loans as loans that tide you over until you get your next paycheck. But this form of lending didn’t become too common until the 1980s. Ever wonder how Payday Loans came to be? We’ve got the lowdown on how Payday Loans got their start in the U.S. and where they’re headed […]

Maximum Length of Short Term Loan and Rollovers

Published 2015-11-22 in category Loans.

Short term loans are designed to tide you over with a small amount of money for a short period of time. But sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and we can’t make the full payment on time. How long can you take out a short term loan and what happens when you […]

How to Find a Trusted Short Term Loan Lender

Published 2015-08-03 in category Loans.

Finding a short term loan online is a quick, convenient process. But taking out the face-to-face element can raise questions about a website’s legitimacy. How do you know you’ll not only receive the loan, but that your personal and financial information will remain private? A few simple tricks of the trade are all you need […]

Three tips for those who need to borrow money

Published 2015-07-25 in category Loans.

There are times when you may look at your financial situation and realize you need some help. You might have gone over budget in your spending or been faced with unexpected medical bills, urgent repairs to your home or car, or other expenses. Whatever the reason, you are investigating the possibility of taking out a […]

Pros and Cons of Using a Direct Lender

Published 2015-07-02 in category Loans.

Short term loans are generally available through two types of lenders: a direct lender and a matcher. Learn the pros and cons of working with a direct lender to see if that is the best choice for your financial situation; if not, consider using a matcher the next time you need a short term loan. […]

The Ins and Outs of Short Term Loans

Published 2015-07-02 in category Loans.

What you need to Know When you need a quick source of cash in an emergency, a short term personal loan could be just the solution that you are looking for. Life has a way of bringing unexpected expenses and challenging situations where you face bills that need to be paid but your payday is […]

Things to do before taking out a Short term Loan

Published 2015-05-02 in category Loans.

A short term loan usually is of a relatively small amount. It is designed to tide you over temporarily, or until payday. For this reason, such a loan is also known as a salary loan or a payday advance. While taking out a short term loan can be very helpful as a quick solution to […]

Setting up a repayment plan

Published 2015-03-12 in category Loans.

When many people apply for a short term loan, they tend to do so in a big hurry. The urgent need for money to tide them over temporarily in a short term crisis may cause them to lose sight of their financial picture in the long haul. However, all loans, no matter what their variety, […]

Short term loan pitfalls

Published 2015-01-18 in category Loans.

The press regarding short term loans has mixed reports. This type of loan is very handy in a short term financial crisis and may help provide a breathing space while the borrower figures out a more permanent solution. On the other hand, there are a number of associated pitfalls that could mean taking out a […]

How can I know which short term lender I can trust?

Published 2014-12-26 in category Loans.

Short term lending is a phenomenon that has been steadily growing in the United States since the end of the last century. The financial crisis of 2007-8, together with the atmosphere of economic insecurity which followed, has helped to contribute to the popularity of short term loans. Although in recent years, a number of states […]

What is the difference between a direct lender and a broker?

Published 2014-10-29 in category Loans.

For consumers looking into various loan possibilities, in particular online, the “face” of the lending industry may actually be a broker rather than a direct lender. “What’s the difference between the two?” You ask. Good question. These two important figures play very different roles. Knowing the difference between them and how each can help you […]

What happens if you cannot pay back your short term loan?

Published 2014-10-29 in category Loans.

It’s one of the worst case scenarios in your personal finances: you’re in debt and can’t pay. Perhaps you’ve been laid off or are unable to work. Even if you do still have a job, your debts have somehow spiraled out of your control. Housing, utilities, credit card bills and loans – and now the […]

Choosing the right short term loan lender

Published 2014-10-29 in category Loans.

It’s usually some kind of minor emergency that causes people to apply for a short term loan – urgent car repairs, unexpected medical expenses, and the like. If you find yourself among the many short term loan customers, keep a cool head to avoid turning the situation into a major crisis. One important way to […]

Views on short term loans in different states

Published 2013-04-18 in category Loans.

Short term loans, those convenient short term loans that can tide you over from one paycheck to the next in an emergency, have become a source of controversy. On the one hand they are seen by many consumers as a quick and practical way to take care of short term financial crises. On the other […]