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How to Find a Trusted Short Term Loan Lender

Finding a short term loan online is a quick, convenient process. But taking out the face-to-face element can raise questions about a website’s legitimacy. How do you know you’ll not only receive the loan, but that your personal and financial information will remain private? A few simple tricks of the trade are all you need to know to ensure a safe process from start to finish.

Choose a Lender with a Secure Website
First and foremost, double check to make sure that the lender’s website is secure. Otherwise, it becomes easy for hackers to intercept private information you enter, such as credit card numbers. The beginning of the web address start with “https” rather than just “http.” The added “s” means the site contains an extra layer of encryption to protect your information. Also make sure you log on to the Internet using a password-protected connection rather than a public connection, such as at a coffee shop, to safeguard your information from hackers.

Check the Lender’s License Number
Most short term loan lenders are regulated by state banking agencies and must maintain a valid license. Search the website to find the company’s license number for your state. You can often find this information on the location or about us pages. You can also call customer service if you have trouble finding it on the website. Just remember there are good unregulated short term loan lenders too.

Look at the Age of the Website
Most of the major online short term loan lenders have been in the business for several years. If the website is younger than two years, it is less likely to be a legitimate lender. Search for the domain’s age by using a website like “Who Is,” which will tell you how long the website has been operating. It takes a long time to build a legitimate short term loan website, so if your lender is at least five years old, you can generally count on them being reliable.

Google the company name
There are nearly always reviews online for just about every lender. If not, maybe you should pick another one.

Matchers – Be extra careful
Be extra careful with matcher or agents as they also are called. Look at the footer of the front page, there you can find if they are a matcher. Reliable matchers always have secure connection, and a domain that’s at least 5 years old. And by the way, we list those reliable matchers here on the front page.

Always trust your gut when selecting a short term loan lender and never hesitate to call and speak to someone over the phone. If you the customer service representative can easily answer your questions, you’re more than likely dealing with a lender you can trust.

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