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How to Cover Medical Expenses

Published 2016-12-03 in category Personal Finance.

Between the rising costs of medical expenses and the increased complexity of health insurance plans, many people find themselves owing thousands of dollars after being seen by a medical provider. Even if you have health insurance, high deductibles and co-insurance can make your bills add up quickly. So what can you do to avoid this […]

How to Get Paid While Unemployed

Published 2016-07-14 in category Personal Finance.

Losing your job is an emotional, scary event. You might be worried about how you’re going to pay your bills or buy your groceries while you search for another position. But as long as you meet certain conditions, you might be eligible for unemployment benefits to assist you while you job hunt. There are also […]

Who Borrows and Why?

Published 2015-10-01 in category Personal Finance.

A recent study by the PEW Charitable Trusts dispelled several myths about borrowers who take out payday loans. Here we analyze what type of expenses payday loans are primarily used for, and the effects of state restrictions on payday lending. We also explore borrowers’ backup plans if they didn’t have access to their payday lender. […]

What is responsible lending?

Published 2015-09-21 in category Personal Finance.

Responsible lending is an essential component of a healthy economic system. Its purpose is to help consumers raise their standard of living or make their way through a short term financial crisis, while allowing lenders to earn a reasonable rate of return on the money that they lend. Responsible lending involves regulation of the loan […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Published 2015-07-03 in category Personal Finance.

Credit scores have a huge impact on your everyday life. From lowering your mortgage rate to getting approved for a new credit card, life’s simplest tasks are often affected by your credit. No matter where your score stands now, there is always room for improvement. Contrary to popular opinion, there is more you can do […]

Identity theft – What can happen?

Published 2014-10-29 in category Personal Finance.

Identity theft is a crime on the rise, and it’s a complex one. Instead of just grabbing the contents of your wallet or making off with your car, an identity thief steals essential information about you. Your social security number, credit card information, tax details and the like – any scrap of information unique to […]

Why invest in Real Estate

Published 2013-04-18 in category Personal Finance.

Since the US housing market bubble burst a few years ago, a lot of people have been wary of investing in real estate. But now is actually a great time for this use of your investments funds. Real estate prices are still relatively low (but beginning to rise), while interest rates are down as well. […]

Tips on how to detect and avoid Internet scams

Published 2013-04-18 in category Personal Finance.

The Internet has a lot of advantages: instant communication, great sources of knowledge, entertainment and the opportunity to telecommute, to name a few. However, along with the good, there are some aspects that are not so positive. The anonymity The anonymity of the Internet makes it the perfect place of scammers to do their dirty […]

How to invest in stocks and funds – step by step

Published 2013-04-18 in category Personal Finance.

In this uncertain economic climate, you are fortunate indeed if you have some extra money leftover once your basic needs are met. Investing your spare cash in stocks and funds can be a wise financial decision if you go about it in the right way. Here is a guide to getting started. Getting Started 1. […]