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Three tips for those who need to borrow money

Published 2015-07-25 in category Savings.

There are times when you may look at your financial situation and realize you need some help. You might have gone over budget in your spending or been faced with unexpected medical bills, urgent repairs to your home or car, or other expenses. Whatever the reason, you are investigating the possibility of taking out a […]

Tips for a smaller food budget

Published 2014-02-18 in category Savings.

Most people spend a good part of their paycheck every month at the grocery store. The good news is that the amount you spend on food most probably has a lot more flexibility than you might think. There are many easy ways that you can reduce the size of your family food budget without living […]

Why should you save money?

Published 2013-11-18 in category Savings.

If you are working at a job that pays generously and you’re comfortably off, with enough income to pay for all your daily needs, you may wonder why you should save money. Particularly if you are young, you may be looking forward to many years of lucrative employment. You rationalize that you can always begin […]

The art of comparing prices

Published 2013-05-18 in category Savings.

If you are trying to economize and live frugally, one of the first steps you are likely to take is comparing prices. Being an aware consumer is certainly a big plus when it comes to saving money, but there is more to comparing prices than meets the eye. Sometimes a high ticket item is actually […]

Tips on how to save money – and protect the environment!

Published 2013-04-18 in category Savings.

Save yourself some money and do your part toward saving the world at the same time. Reduce, reuse, recycle, goes the familiar refrain. Originally conceived by the green movement, this little jingle is easy to remember and applies equally well to the measures you can put into practice to ease the stress on your wallet. […]

Spend less, start saving

Published 2013-04-18 in category Savings.

Everyone’s goal seems to be spending less and starting some kind of a savings program. However, this dream seems to be like trying to eat less and lose weight – you really want to do it, but it’s just such hard work. For many people there is a trick – or three – to successfully […]