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Tips on how to succeed in your job search

Published 2013-09-01 in category Work.

Searching for a job can be very challenging, especially in today’s economy. However there are a number of ways to make the hunt less stressful and more successful. Here is a list of tips. Assess yourself – your experience, abilities, professional qualifications and interests. If you are currently employed, clarify why you would like to […]

The importance of self-esteem at a job interview

Published 2013-06-20 in category Work.

Being interviewed for a job is a challenging experience for almost everyone. A job interview involves selling your merits and being judged by people in a position of authority. Your professional growth and financial future may be affected, especially if you have been unemployed or underemployed for some time. It’s important to approach the job […]

Earn extra money online

Published 2013-04-18 in category Work.

Let’s face it. Just about everyone could use a little extra cash. And taking an additional job may be difficult, especially if you have an erratic schedule or limited mobility. Earning extra money online is an appealing option, whether you are a student, a stay at home parent, a senior or just someone who wants […]