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Tips on how to succeed in your job search

Searching for a job can be very challenging, especially in today’s economy. However there are a number of ways to make the hunt less stressful and more successful.

Here is a list of tips.

  1. Assess yourself – your experience, abilities, professional qualifications and interests. If you are currently employed, clarify why you would like to leave your present position.
  2. Think about the type of job you would like to find, and what you would bring to it.
  3. Network. Let your circle of personal contacts know that you are in the employment market. Join a professional networking group, preferably one that holds face to face meetings.
  4. Connect via social media such as Facebook.
  5. Update your curriculum vitae. Add any accomplishments that you’ve chalked up recently.
  6. While you have the CV in front of you, streamline it. Make sure your strong points shine while cutting out any irrelevant personal information. Use action verbs and concise language. Format it in a clear, easy to read style.
  7. Yet another point about your CV: Double and triple check it for any errors of spelling grammar or typing. Whatever you don’t catch, you can be sure a potential employer will.
  8. When replying to “help wanted” ads, apply only if you meet the qualifications specified.
  9. Include a brief cover letter to show why you are a great candidate by touching on the job qualifications and how your experience and skill set fulfill them. Explain why you’d like to work for the company to which you are applying – this shows you’ve done your homework in researching the business.
  10. Make sure that your contact information (cell phone and land line or Skype ID) is up to date and clearly indicated on both your CV and your cover letter. All your efforts at presenting yourself will be in vain if an employer has no way to get in touch with you.
  11. When completing an application form, fill in the blanks clearly and honestly. You might want to make some notes for yourself first to organize your thoughts. Then transfer your information to the form.
  12. If you are contacted by phone for an interview, be pleasant and professional. Don’t forget to thank the caller.
  13. Get ready for your interview by digging a little deeper for information about the business that is hiring. Prepare some intelligent questions. Be ready to demonstrate why you are a great match for the position.
  14. On the day of the interview, dress for success, in a way that is appropriate for the company, which may be more or less formal in its style.
  15. Relax, speak slowly and clearly and try to read the interviewer’s body language to know when you’ve given enough information.
  16. Smile and show a positive attitude.
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Grace Chen
Grace Chen - Writer & Editor
A graduate of the Haas School of Business, University of California, which is one of the top three (3) business schools in the U.S., Grace Chen has 10 years of experience in this field and have been delivering stellar business content through her written word. She’s the chief editor of Communicate Better and has written and edited thousands of content published in various online and printed media, including the NYSE-sponsored research studies and MEC Global. Connect with Grace on LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/in/grace-chen-9254ab8/